Pot Pourri

Customisation and Versatility

There is no typical Pot-Pourri show - their program is individually and specifically designed according to the client, atmosphere, event and venue details. They write unique songs for clients about topics as diverse as gynaecology, medicine, concrete and cars which is about as close to sex, drugs and rock'n'roll as they get!

Pot-Pourri caters for concerts, festivals, conferences, incentives, awards nights, private parties, dinners, launches, weddings, anniversaries, Christmas parties, ceremonies, fashion parades, fundraising concerts and municipal functions. They perform to groups of 20 and crowds of thousands.

Pot-Pourri is at home in any setting: at vineyards, lakes and gardens, on ships and trucks, in galleries, clubs and hotels, car parks, homes, schools, churches as well and the major concert venues, hotel ballrooms and theatres in Australia and overseas.

Performances vary in duration from 15 minutes to full concert length and may incorporate guest artists, choirs, orchestras, actors, magicians and dancers, depending upon your needs. Pot-Pourri is able to organise all staging, lighting, audiovisual, sound requirements, theming and special effects for your entire event.

Your 'Bankers on Broadway' performance at our Gala Dinner finale was world class and a perfect close to what was a terrific conference. The interaction with the audience and the inclusion of bank-related information into the lyrics was sensational!" National Australia Bank