Pot Pourri

Team Building, Leadership, Brainstorming and Training Programs

Pot-Pourri and Music Theatre Australia in association with Creativity Australia is delighted to offer a diverse suite of exciting creative programs that will facilitate unique, creative experiences and break-outs during conferences, retreats and board meetings. Our programs can add an important dimension to the development and recognition of high performing teams and individuals. These programs are custom designed to ensure everyone steps out of their comfort zones and participates, learns and grows together. They are interactive, creative, fun and inspirational. Designed to create ultimate brainstorming power and unlock potential!

Potential Benefits and Outcomes:
  • inspire creativity and foster innovation
  • challenge, engage and motivate your people and teams
  • improve self esteem and company morale
  • increase focus, thereby reduce stress
  • improve communication between business units
  • help build teams post-merger or restructure
  • energise and add variety to a conference or other meeting program
  • recognize and reward top performers or a specific department or group
  • release work related tension and frustrations in a constructive environment
  • Please click here to view the pdf for more information or go to http://www.creativityaustralia.com.au/cms-programs/brainstorm-series.phps