Pot Pourri

Why Book Pot-Pourri?

"... Outstanding performance!... superb voices, a very professional group who know how to read an audience, ensuring a spot-on delivery... they really do their homework on the company!" AMCOR

  • Through Pot-Pourri's unique ability to tailor its performances and the enormous diversity of its repertoire, the group has wide appeal to a huge variety of audiences.
  • Every show is unique and created especially to suit your event, venue and audience.
  • The group guarantees a night of superb and unique entertainment that will be remembered for a long time to come.
  • Pot-Pourri features five of Australia's most talented artists who perform opera, music theatre, cabaret and song brilliantly, look good, act, dance, create magic, play didgeridoo and write some very funny and clever material.
  • The diversity, music and interactive comedy cross all boundaries of background, age, nationality and culture and enhances the consciousness of the attendees.

"Fantastic, Professional, Entertaining, Classy, Unique… loved every minute." Organisers Australia


  • Unify, amuse and inspire staff, and enhance company spirit
  • Impress and entertain important clients
  • Celebrate key performers, awardees, anniversaries
  • Launch products, venues, conferences, concepts
  • Honour departing CEO's, presidents, principals, partners
  • Capture the mood of any special themes

Pot-Pourri will work with you to make sure that all your requests are professionally handled in a stress-free manner to ensure that the event is hugely successful.

As Pot-Pourri is managed by Music Theatre Australia's One Stop Entertainment Company, we are able to recommend other roving artists and bands and a range of suppliers and venues to help make your event the "best ever"!

"I can truly say that Pot-Pourri provided a level of entertainment that could not be surpassed" Spotless Group