Primary School

The Warbles


For younger audiences, Pot-Pourri become The Warbles in a special show filled with eccentric opera personalities, big voices, and lots of fun! 

Take four fantastic opera trained performers and one terrific pianist, add props, costumes, heaps of vitality and fun, and you have The Warbles - a primary school entertainment show that your students will thoroughly enjoy.

"A colourful, fun, fresh, vital performance which held 200 children crammed into a small space spellbound for 50 minutes, totally involved in listening to opera" 

Hartwell Primary School, VIC

"Excellent selection. Children felt involved and found the whole experience entertaining and amusing. They came away singing..." 

Carey Grammar Junior School, VIC

"Their program opens the eyes of the audience to a new and exciting world in a most entertaining and engaging way... they succeeded in riveting the attention of the group [all boys], no mean feat, indeed!"

St Kevins College, Vic

Please welcome Sylvie Soprano, Miffy Mezzo, Terry Tenor and Barry Baritone...

The artists combine the magic of opera with the frivolity of music theatre to create a 45-minute show packed with fun and laughter. Students get an insight into the world of live performance by means of informative, entertaining dialogue and audience interaction.

Students develop an appreciation of opera, operetta & music theatre, and are treated to a humorous look at famous songs. The traditionally elitist art form of opera is deconstructed in front of their eyes as Carmen dances, Eliza Doolittle sits among them, Oliver picks a pocket or two and the Pirate King recruits student pirates to sing and dance with him. The show includes highlights from The Magic Flute, Carmen, The Mikado, Pirates of Penzance, Oliver, My Fair, Lady, Walt Disney, The Warbles' own songs and much more!

The Warbles song is provided in the Teachers Pack. It's fun and simple, and can be taught before the performance so students can sing along. The singers use the song to introduce their voice types: soprano, mezzo soprano, tenor and baritone. Students love question time too! The performers drop their personas and answer questions about anything, including the performance and careers in the performing arts.

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