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"Pot-Pourri 25th Anniversary Concert

Review, ArtsHub, December 2011

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St George & Sutherland Shire, June 23 2012

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Good Weekend Magazine - 11 July 2009

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Financial Review – September 2016

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ArtsHub, April 21 2015, by Madeleine Dore

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"Leading Lady of Creativity"

Rotarian Life & Leisure, August 2011

"Bringing creativity back to business" 
Feature on Creativity Australia

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"With a Song In Her Briefcase" 

The Age - 9 March 2009

"Opera's on for an uplift" 

Progress Leader - February 2009

"Event Award Winners" Magazine - August 2008

"Subtlely is All Part of the Show"

Progress Leader - June 2008

"Musical Great Stir the Pot in Celebration for Milestone Birthday"

The Age - June 2008

"Sweet Notes from Pot-Pourri"

New Sunday Times - February 2008

"Pot-Pourri of Acts"

The Star (Malaysia) - February 2008

"Music Takes to the Stage"

New Sunday Times - January 2008

"The Sweet Smell of Success"

The Dominion Post - August 2003

"Pot-Pourri with a Taste of Spice"

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"Spreading the Word"

The West Magazine - April 1999

"Come to the Cabaret, Aussie Style"

The Herald Sun - April 1999